sábado, 16 de diciembre de 2017

Un fin de semana de Navidad en Londres

Una de las ciudades más bonitas en Navidad es Londres! Hace 3 años fuimos en noviembre, y aunque el ambiente navideño estaba empezando se notaba que no eran plenas navidades.

jueves, 7 de diciembre de 2017

Christmas gift ideas: Benefit giftsets

If you´re looking for a perfect gift for her I´m sure that you´ll find it in Benefit.

You know how fan of the brand I am, and this year they have the perfect range of giftsets with a special packaging and of course everything at a super price!

This year the design it´s all based to the magic of the Christmas time and related to San Francisco theme.

All the giftsets contain some of the brand best sellers and at least one full size product, definitely a must for the Christmas´s list!

Here you cansee all the range available and some of them from just £14,5! Such a bargain! but hurry up as they are running out of stock!

If apart from the giftsets you want to try new products of the brand, I can highly recommended you these 3.

Gogo tint for lips and cheecks, and the packaging it´s like a nail lacquer! Hoola Boddess Cream for the body, and FoolProof Brow Powder for the brows of course, it´s one of my favourite as I´m the kind of person who likes natural brows and this is the perfect product for it.

I hope you find this post useful and ready on time for your Christmas wish list!


lunes, 4 de diciembre de 2017

Christmas Gifts Ideas: The Gin Bothy minis

It´s this time of the year when you try to find the perfect gift for that special person, and you find yourself struggling to find an original one.

If that person it´s a gin lover, then keep reading as The Gin Bothy has the perfect gift for this Christmas.

They have created a special Christmas box with 5 bottles of 5cl each for just £30, The Gin Bothy, tasting selection of minis. So it´s basically a similar price as the big 50cl bottles, but in this occasion you have 5 mini gin bottles to taste! It could be perfect to try and then you can buy your favourite one in the big size!

I can say you that my favourite so far is the Mulled one along with the raspberry! 

Being honest with I´m a gin lover, but after tried some new brands these gins from Gin Bothy are some of the best I´ve ever tasted.

The Gin Bothy is a Scottish Gin brand, all handcrafted in Scotland (Angus Glen) and all the ingredients used to infuse the gins are picked in Scotland as well. And I was really surprised when I met the owner, Kim, who was explained to me all the process and how she uses as well some of the ingredients to prepare homemade jams! 

I highly recommended you to check out their website, where you can buy online the products, so make sure you place your order to have it on time for Christmas!

domingo, 3 de diciembre de 2017

4 días recorriendo la Isla de Skye - Parte 2-

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