viernes, 7 de octubre de 2016

La Rambla Spanish Restaurant in Paisley

Few weeks ago we were lucky enough to going to La Rambla, a Spanish restaurant in Paisley, to taste their new and improved menu.

Once you enter in the restaurant, you have the feeling that you are in proper Spanish restaurant, with the decoration and some paintings related to the Sevillanas.

They have renovated  their wine menu too, and it was so difficult to choose among all of them, but we decided to taste ´Finca Nova´, a wine from a place to our region in Spain Castilla y Leon (Valdepeñas).

Until we ordered the meal, they give some olives a bread for free, that´s the same as done in any restaurant in Spain!! 

They have a wide tapas menu, where you can choose among meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, vegan and paellas, and the it´s written in both languages English and Spanish. So good to read it in our languages.

Our selection was champiñones al ajillo (mushsrooms with garlic) morcilla rebozada (black pudding), gambas rebozadas (king prawns with light butter ), croquetas de pollo y carne guisada (lamb cubics).

The best one was the lamb, really similar as the Spanish, and really tasty. Mushrooms and prawns were really good too and with the same elaboration as in my country.

The less Spanish for us were the croquetas and morcilla, croquetas because the inside wasn't as creamy as they suppossed to be, and morcilla because in Spain most of the time we eat in smaller quantity and just themselves without the tempura.

A few suggestions to the menu, the lamb cubics should be called in Spanish ´carne guisada´ is how we call it in Spain, and for example the chili dip for the prawns is something more for the UK people, in Spain the chili is not something that we use as a dip, so it will be better a garlic and parsley sauce or mayo dip.

And every proper meal has to finish with a dessert, and the menu was so good too, we ordered crema catalana (a typical dessert from Cataluña) and Torta de Queso (cheesecake). The ´crema catalana´was super tasty, same as in Spain, one of the best desserts I ever tried!


Nizar the manager, and staff was so kind and helpful, so definately a perfect service in a really good restaurant.

The restaurant it´s a hidden gem in Paisley and I´ll definitely come back and I encourage all of you to go and taste their really good kitchen!


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