domingo, 11 de diciembre de 2016

Travel with Marco Polo guides

Travelling is without any doubt one of my passions, and before every trip I always like to find out more about the place I´m going to visit and in my bag there´s always a guide.

Since I discovered Marco Polo guides I´m always using their guides to prepare my trip in advance and especially since I live in Scotland I use them to discover new places nearby Glasgow and Edinburgh and throughout Scotland.

The think I like the most of these guides are how good the information is included on each guide, from tips, to perfect routs, shopping places, the best food and drinks places that you can´t miss it and of course all the info about the accommodation, the city, the transport and all full with maps & photos! Really helpful and more visual!

I´ve used the guides this year not only for Scotland but also to my summer trip around Mallorca and my trip to Amsterdam and those trips were even perfect thanks to the guides and the handy info in there.

Now that Christmas is here, maybe the best present is not a new phone, maybe it´s time to treat your loves one with a wonderful trip, and you can use Marco Polo guides not only for planning the trip but as well to use a gift teaser for the amazing trip!

And if you want to keep the memories of that amazing trip, Marco Polo has the ´My Way´ journal, where you can write your notes down, use stickers to personalise your own travel diary and special pocket at the back of each journal for keepsakes.

I hope you like the info on this post and I encourage all of you to use Marco Polo guides for your trips!


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