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Discovering Smashburger in Glasgow

*This image above is from SmashburgerUK Twitter.

January could be the “on a diet” month, but it could be as well the month to try Smashburger in Glasgow, in case you´ve not tried it yet.

To make sure you don´t think twice and go, I´m sharing my experience when I went to Smashburger last month.

The first thing you should know, is that their secret is in the “smash”, this means that once they have the meat, they make a meatball and then they smash it onto the grill. With this, they achieve a tasty and never dry burger, and if you order a bigger burger, then you’ll have a larger one but always a real “smash” burger.

They have an easy but really large menu to choose among, you have the beef burgers, the chicken ones, then some veggie options, and you can create your own burger as well. They have as well different breads to match your preferences, along with salads, fries, sides and of course drinks. So basically they have everything for a perfect burger night!

We tried the Avocado club and the truffle mushroom swiss, as these are two of the top sellers, and we can understand why, especially the mushroom swiss it´s like heaven! And of course pickles and fries!

Being 100% honest, I can say that are the best burgers in Glasgow! So I highly encourage you to go to Smashburger and try!


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